The fire safety of the built environment is immensely important to everyone – employers, designers, architects, fire authorities, the construction industry and, of course, the people who inhabit buildings- the general public. Whatever your interest, this document aims to provide you with comprehensive information on current fire issues, such as:

• Recent changes in statutory duties have directly placed the liabilities for fire safety and risk assessment on the employer and his agents via the Workplace Regulations.

• New European tools for testing and classifying the performance of construction products and systems in fire have introduced significant changes for everyone designing and specifying fire safe buildings. Further changes in both UK and Europe are anticipated, including the environmental impact of fires.

• Worldwide insurer losses often mean higher premiums and conditional cover, depending on the level of combustible materials in the building elements. Employers, their designers and agents need to understand all the hazards and associated risks in fire, and adopt better fire safety management.

New European Resistance to Fire Standards